Inner Balance Counselling Practice

Often there are times when having the support of a professional can hep you navigate complex emotional concerns.

Something may have been troubling you over a period of time and you’re having difficulty finding a solution on your own.

You may feel that Things are getting on top of you and affecting your well-being for example, causing depression, anxiety or stress.

You find it hard to talk to friends or family because they are directly involved in the issues.

There may be Issues from the past thatare having an impact on your day to day life or there may be things that are troubling you and having a negative impact on your relationships or work life.

You may be finding  that similar stressful emotions or situations keep re-occurring in your life


Counselling can help you reflect and make sense of difficult life events and find a way to move forward.

Some of the benefits are…


  • Talking to someone neutral, outside of your immediate situation, can show you a different perspective and help you find a way forward
  • Talking with a trained counsellor who is skilled at listening can help you to process difficult thoughts and feelings
  • Sharing your worries helps you feel less alone with the problem
  • You can gain a better understanding of yourself and a clearer sense of what you want and need
  • You can practice communicating more clearly and honestly in the safety of the counselling relationship
  • Counselling can help improve your relationships and your ability to communicate